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We are a young technology company that develops software for both small and mid-cap companies as well as for individuals. Our ultimate goal is to bring great improvement in society in term of technology. we work effortlessly to advance our services for you.

Why choose us ...?


Our team puts a lot of effort into developing software functionality that is trustworthy and flexible enough to accommodate future changes.


We used quality technology to provide you with more reliability in your software products that can handle high loads.                                            


In terms of security, we are going through all the standard security protocols and providing more advanced protection for your personal data


Our support team avails you of all the required support in terms of issues and assistance.


Meet Our Experts

Er. Sairaj Dhanavade

Software Engineer

Siddhesh Apkare

Technical Support

Tejas Bhatale

Quality Analyst

Feedback's from our customers

Our helping contribution will make sure that yours is a SUCCESS STORY!

I got very wonderful  information for my business website. The artelogics is have awesome support system for the non techie customer like me. i feel very comfortable during the complete consulting process. I understand so much thing very easily. Thank you so much Aretelogics for the all help and information.

Ganesh Chaughule

I got a very flexible and well designed website for my collage project. Aretelogics helped me a lot for my project. Thank you for providing an good quality software products in affordable prices. and i really like your support it fabulous….!!!!! 


Aditi Pawaskar

Thank you so much Aretelogics for making my startup website, i can easily edit my content whenever i want to edit. its so much easy for me to add an details or new plans regarding my start up. Thank you so much for your consulting service.


Rani Devrukhkar

401305 , Virar,Maharashtra,India

MON-FRI: 10 – 17
SAT: 10 – 14

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